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  Network Power Failure
Posted by: vwdesigns - 27-11-09, 08:26 AM - Forum: Network Status / Server Upgrades - No Replies

Dear Valued Customer,

At approximately 16:48 GMT the Stratford, London facility lost mains power from the power grid.

The time-line of events is as follows:

16:48 - Power to site lost - running on UPS.
17:15 - UPS systems depleted, generators failed to start
17:30 - Generators failovers failed to function despite multiple attempts - The power engineers were dispatched.18:32 - The power engineers arrived on site.
18:54 - The power engineer estimates 30-45 minutes to return power to site.
19:16 - The power was returned to site and the process of booting up each rack commenced.
19:35 - All racks powered up and brought on-line.

The last twenty-four hours have seen numerous power grid blips but the system as designed have taken the load with the UPS battery backup and generators keeping the facility live, ensuring an un-interrupted service.

Yesterday however, at 16:48 a failure in the control boards prevented the generators from powering the facility once the power from the grid failed, a manual bypass was installed to get the facility on-line.

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  Important Information - VAT
Posted by: vwdesigns - 16-07-09, 01:57 PM - Forum: Latest News - No Replies

From the 13th July 2009, we will be VAT registered. All Invoices, which have been issued before this date, will not be subject to VAT. All invoices issued after the 13thJuly will be subject to VAT.

Under VAT regulations, we will have to charge VAT, but cannot show this on our invoices until we have received our VAT certificate. Once we have received our VAT number, we will then re-issue a new VAT invoice, to those customers who are VAT registered and will be able to claim back their VAT.

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Posted by: vwdesigns - 05-07-09, 12:01 PM - Forum: Latest News - No Replies

Virtual Web Designs will be releasing our own Source Control System within the next 8 weeks.

VrSourceControl was developed from CVS and SubVersion to help us track our own projects, documents, source-code and images because we found that these existing systems were difficult to install or overly complicated. We specifically didn't want concurrent editing of files, and wanted a web-based system written in PHP and uses MySQL as the database, which was easy to manage. So we developed VrSourceControl.

VrSourceControl General Features

· Store Text & Binary Files.
· Multi-User
· Check-In / Check-Out - File locking by user.
· Text Files Stored in Full or as Different versions
· Compress Binaries with gzip.
· PHP Code Highlighting.
· PHP code is given coloured highlighting when viewing the file.
· Full History Versioning. - Go back to any previous version - of any file or project.
· HTTP Up/Download: Get/Put Zips. Upload or Get whole projects, sets of files, or individual files as Zip files from your browser.
· Project Tree View.
· Search. Find files with matching names, content and more...
· Online File Editing. Edit files online (in your working directory) with a text editor.
· Output Macros. Include meta info in output source files (File name, path, version, project version). Macros are automatically reverted when checking code in.
· File Branching. Store multiple versions of the same file.
· File-Level User Access. Define which users can access which files or directories individually.
· Project Build Options Include different sets of files in different builds

Features to be incorporated

· Full Bug Tracking System
· Re-design user interface for public use
· Full System Backup
· Full Reporting System

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  Protx & Worldpay – New Modular
Posted by: vwdesigns - 25-04-09, 12:07 PM - Forum: Latest News - No Replies

We would like to inform all our customers who are currently using eShop PRO & VrShop PRO. We have now released an updated payment modular for Protx & WorldPay. If you have a valid support agreement, this can be downloaded from your customer area or we will install the upgrade for you.

Protx Now SagePay

On the 22nd April Protx was re-branded as SagePay. This modular has now been updated to reflect Protx new re-branding to Sage Pay and to use the new Sage Pay URLs (for a period of 6 months, Sage Pay will be accepting the old Protx URLs as well).


WorldPay re-branding has been delayed until May 2009. We will be releasing this modular in May.

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  Additional Support Packages
Posted by: vwdesigns - 31-03-09, 04:30 PM - Forum: Latest News - No Replies

From today we are now providing support packages in 6 month and 3 month blocks, in addition to the normal 1 year option. We have done this in response to some customers feeling that they don't need a full year of unlimited updates to there website, but would like a period of extra support for help with their website.

These are available on all Support levels which means that you can now pick up Support Level 3 support for 3 months for a low price of 30 GBP, or get faster Support Level 1 support for 3 months for just 100 GBP.

Full support prices can be found on the 'prices' page on our website. You can also order a support package from the CMS area.

Level 1 Support - Website Management – 3,6,12 months Unlimited updates, additional pages, etc. priority e-mail support. Updates done in 1 business day.

1 Year: 250 GBP
6 Months: 150 GBP
3 Months: 100 GBP

Level 2 Support - Website Management – 3,6,12 months Unlimited updates, additional pages, etc. priority e-mail support. Updates done in 2 business days.

1 Year: 150 GBP
6 Months: 100 GBP
3 Months: 60 GBP

Level 3 Support - Website Management – 3,6,12 months Unlimited updates, additional pages, etc. priority e-mail support. Updates done in 3 - 4 business days.

1 Year: 100 GBP
6 Months: 60 GBP
3 Months: 30 GBP

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  eShop PRO XL5 MultiShops v1 - Released
Posted by: vwdesigns - 31-03-09, 02:47 PM - Forum: Latest News - No Replies

eShop Pro XL5 MultiShops is a major release to our eShop range of eCommerce software, adds a lot of new functionality, and further increases the power of eShop.

We find most online retailers try to serve all customers, all brands and all geographies with a single shop because it has been too difficult and expensive to manage multiple shops.

With eShop PRO XL5 MultiShops, this is no longer the case. You can now manage multiple shops - as many as your business requires - easily and inexpensively. Each eShop can have its own:

· Graphics, look and feel
· Navigation
· Product catalog & pricing
· Promotions
· Shipping options
· Checkout process

Common features such as categories, and products can be shared between shops to reduce setup and duplication.

Regardless of how you design your shops, administrators can manage all there shops for which they are authorised from. A single admin area and where you can work with customers and orders from any shop. You authorised individual users to access all shops or individual shops. So your staff can operate efficiently no matter how many shops you operate.

eShop PRO XL5 MultiShops was designed from the start with several specific architectural and security features to improve performance, simplify administration and optimise resource utilisation:


· All the features of eShop PRO XL5
· Product pricing group
· Product discounting group
· Create additional shops directly from the admin area with minimal involvement
· All shops can run on a single server
· All shops access a single database
· Sharing of catalog information between shops as you wish - each shop can have a
· Unique catalog or offer identical products at different prices etc.
· User permissions down to specific shops or catalogs
· Control all aspects of a shop's configuration including supported currencies, languages, accepted payment methods, taxes, shipping, search and navigation behaviour and more.

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  .TEL Domain Name - Selling for £ 9.99
Posted by: vwdesigns - 28-03-09, 03:50 PM - Forum: Latest News - No Replies

On March 23rd 2009, the dot-Tel Registry will start taking normal registrations for this new top level domain name. We will be selling this new top level domain name for £ 9.99 for 1 year registration. This price will include all nic fees and VAT.

See our .tel domain name http://www.vwdesigns.tel

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  Server Upgrades
Posted by: vwdesigns - 07-03-09, 12:23 PM - Forum: Network Status / Server Upgrades - Replies (1)

Customer Hosting Accounts

Saturday 7th March we will be upgrading our servers to the latest PHP 5.2.9. This was released on the 26th February 2009 and is a critical security upgrade and fixes. Sites will be affected by a minimal amount of downtime when Apache restarts after the installation.

Spam Software

ASSP upgrade to 1.5.1


This has been upgraded to 0.2-stable

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  .Tel Domain Name
Posted by: vwdesigns - 21-02-09, 11:14 AM - Forum: Latest News - No Replies

Set to become the industry standard for online communication

Businesses and individuals can now secure their own .Tel domain name at a premium fee of £88 for a 1 year subscription during what is known as the landrush period. With orders being treated on a first come first served basis, those who are serious about protecting their brand are urged to secure their .tel domain as early as possible.

The premium fee charged for the registration of a .tel in the landrush period (3 February - 23 March 2009) is due to the high costs the official .tel registry is charging in an attempt to discourage domain squatters from snapping up hundreds of .Tel domain names for resale purposes.

However, from March 23rd, the next stage of the .tel launch calendar (general availability) will commence and our price will drop to a round £14.95 to £24.00 for a one year registration! So, if you are willing to wait till the general availability period, you will find it tough to find an official .tel registrar offering .tel domain names cheaper.

What is a .tel domain name?

The .tel is a service that allows individuals and businesses alike to store and manage all their contact information and keywords directly in the DNS without the need to build, host or manage a website.

A .tel enables you to store, update and publish all your contact information, web links and keywords directly on the internet under your own unique domain name.

How is a .tel different than a normal domain name?

Before the .tel came around when a person wished to create a web presence they would register a domain name (such as a .com or .co.uk), and attach this domain name to web hosting. Once the content of the website had been created using a particular code such as HTML, the domain name owner would be able to publish their website information live.

With a .tel there is no need for hosting. You simply log-into a control panel and fill in your company or personal details into pre-defined forms. Once you press publish, your company details will be live and accessible on the web.

The .tel is a great way for business owners to create a web presence for their company online in a professional preformatted way. The process doesn’t require a large time commitment or any experience with web design. If you have ever filled out a form online, then you can get a .tel up and running in minutes.

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  Virtual Web Designs has a new makeover
Posted by: vwdesigns - 10-02-09, 08:47 PM - Forum: Latest News - No Replies

Our existing website has been re-designed with a new modem vibrant look, new content, significant layout updates, also incorporating our new Customer Support Management sytem (CMSs). All the contents you see within our website is controled from own in-house contents management system called VrCMS. All pages are writtern in php and then re-writen using our unquie SEO url’s software, this will allow us keep our present page ranking within Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. this will also alow us to increase our page ranking position within all the major search engines..

We have also introduced some new services, from Hosting resellers accounts to our new service called ‘Flash Video Presenter’, this will allow you to have your own personal presenter on your website explaining your products.

We will also be offering our existing eShop PRO owners, the chance to upgrade to our latest eCommerce software called ‘eShop PRO XL5’. For more details please email us.

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